Lauren Pope was almost KILLED by a naked man while working at the JobCentre

Sorry, what? She worked at a JobCentre?

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TOWIE star Lauren Pope has revealed that she was involved in a pretty shocking situation in her younger years.

The reality TV beauty has had her fair share of drama over the series but you couldn’t write this one.

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Lauren, 33, has opened up about an incident when she was a worker at a JobCentre.

The model, businesswoman and DJ said that she was working when a NAKED man stormed in and screamed at her.

In an interview with The Sunday Times she spoke about her struggle for money, and said: “When I first came to London aged 19 I worked in a JobCentre.

“I shared a room with a friend in a flat in Forest Hill, southeast London, for about a year – I was hard up but we had such a good time.”

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She added: “I worked in the JobCentre until, one day, I helped a guy fill out a form to apply for a job. He couldn’t read or write, really needed help, and didn’t get the job.

“He thought it was my fault and came in, stripped naked, screaming, ‘I’m going to kill her’.”

Well, that’s terrifying!

After that scary experience, Lauren quit her job and the rest is history!

Talking about her time on the ITV show, she said that the pay was initially “rubbish” and she was only paid £50-a-day but it eventually crept up to £120.

She told the Sunday Times Money section: “It was rubbish, £120 a day. It was £50 a day, then we got a raise to about £80, then another £40.

“You just get paid for the days you are filming. You have to be available for six weeks, but if you don’t film for two of them you won’t get paid.”

She seems to have done okay out of it, now!

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Associate Editor

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