Celebs - Angela Rippon grimaces, Prince William licks his lips, Katie Price pouts

13 celebs having a worse week than us – from Angela Rippon to Prince William and Katie Price

Pause for thoughts and prayers amid these challenging times

Here comes the weekend! It looks as if it could be a soggy one… But at least us mere mortals haven’t suffered like these celebs, who – it must be agreed – have had a much worse seven days than anyone else.

Jamie Lynn Spears smiles
Will I’m A Celebrity star Jamie Lynn Spears turn out to be a ‘diva’? (Credit: ITV)

13 celebs having a worse week than us – Jamie Lynn Spears

Choosing to blank questions is perhaps not the ideal way to tangle with British hacks over in Oz hoping for a chat before the campmates head into the jungle.

Jamie Lynn – sister of Britney, don’t you know – really got right up the nose of someone who wished to remain anonymous rather than stand by their words as they spoke to a tabloid website.

They claimed: “While it is a choice whether campmates take part in the interviews, they usually do. No questions asked.

“But Jamie said no, that she didn’t want to speak before she entered the show. It was very disappointing. Fans of the show are so excited about what she has to say.”

Not the best start for JLS, or a particularly great first impression to the (majority of) people who haven’t the foggiest who she is. But in being snubbed by a pop star’s relative – and one, at that, tipped to not make it anywhere near the end of the show – and then bleating about it in lieu of an actual story… Who’s the bigger “diva” here?

I'm A Celebrity 2023 cast lines up
Pity these poor celebs (Credit: ITV)

The majority of the cast of I’m A Celebrity 2023

While everyone at home has the option to switch ITV off due to one particular eye-rolling casting decision, the poor famous faces taking part in I’m A Celebrity 2023 have no such opportunity to deny Nigel Farage’s existence.

Let’s hope those celebs’ pay cheques offer some comfort as they share the same space as the MP wannabe (he’s stood SEVEN times, never elected).

Angela Rippon listens as Strictly pro star Kai Widdrington speaks
‘Arrogant’ Angela? (Credit: BBC)

Angela Rippon

Telly legend Angela is 79. She’s made it to Week 9 of Strictly. And she’s demonstrated more flexibility on the dance floor than the judges show in their approach to scoring.

Yet she’s still come in for flak – slammed as “arrogant” – while discussing her appearances in the dance off.

How many Paso Dobles did her armchair critics manage to master this week?

Denise Van Outen and Eddie Boxshall during a Celebrity Gogglebox appearance
Remember Eddie Boxshall? (Credit: YouTube)

Eddie Boxshall

The ex-Celebrity Goggleboxer piped up again this week following reports of his ex Denise Van Outen’s split from Jimmy Barba.

He appeared to make a feeble dig on Instagram that was about as potent as a toddler’s weak lemon drink.

Clearly still bothered, hopefully Eddie will move on soon – just like everyone else has from him.

Prince William

Prince William – reportedly thought to be worth £1 billion – laughed off a question about how much dosh he has in his bank account this week.

He was visiting a youth club in Manchester when Amir Hassan, 11, sprung the question that – surprisingly – doesn’t seem to be posed to the royals all that much.

Wills is said to have answered he didn’t know the parameters of his own, likely vast, wealth.

How mildly embarrassing for him! Happy for him not to have to worry about the cost of living crisis, though.

Ross from friends get's his teeth whitened
David Schwimmer as Ross from Friends… or is it Katie Price? (Credit: YouTube)

Katie Price

Katie‘s had some work done. That may not be news in itself. But the reception The Artist Formerly Known As Jordan got after sharing snaps of her veneers saw her likened to Ross from Friends, whose gnashers glowed in the dark after he had them fixed, by fans.

An illuminating comparison!


The broadcaster may not technically be a celeb… but it looks like pretty much all of the contestants in the current reboot of Big Brother won’t be either, after an entirely missable comeback run.

ED!’s TV editor slates the “uninspired cast” for the ultimate reality series’ 2023 return here.

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