Classic Neighbours character making comeback from the DEAD

... and not as a ghost!

Neighbours fans, brace yourselves for the shock news of the year – Dee Bliss is coming back to Ramsay Street.

Yes, Toadie’s supposedly dead wife will be returning to Erinsborough and we’ll finally find out what happened to her after we last saw her 13 years ago.

Dee, played by Madeleine West, last appeared back in 2003 when she married Toadie (Ryan Moloney) in what seemed to be an uncharacteristically happy soap wedding – but all went disastrously wrong when he accidentally drove her off a cliff just minutes after the ceremony, and her body was never found.

After being in mourning for his presumed-dead first love, Toadie later went on to marry Sonya (Eve Morey), which will doubtless make for awkward scenes when the first Mrs Rebecchi comes back to town.

Viewers have been waiting a long time to find out what happened to Dee, so they’re looking forward to the big plot twist which will air later this year.

Madeleine began filming for the Channel 5 soap this week and is due to appear on screen in December and January for her guest stint.

She said: “It is a very rare and wonderful thing when an actor has the opportunity to step back into the shoes of a character they created, even more so when that character had not been seen for some 13 years, and was one as beloved as Dee Bliss.

“For me, this return to Neighbours is something of a homecoming, to the place where I took my first tentative steps into the entertainment industry, and where I truly learnt my craft.”

Kaggie Hyland