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Exactly how The Traitors host Claudia Winkleman maintains her signature look – from famous fringe to her diet

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Claudia Winkleman – who is hosting The Piano tonight (Sunday, June 2) – is known for her famous fringe, thick eyeliner and, of course, her killer outfits on The Traitors.

So how exactly does she maintain her signature look? From Strictly Come Dancing and The Traitors to The Piano, Claudia keeps her hairstyle and makeup pretty similar. But her outfits for the two shows completely differ.

From the reason behind her full fringe to her bizarre fake tan secret, here’s how Claudia keeps her look so iconic.

Claudia Winkleman smiling at event
Claudia is known for her full fringe (Credit Photo /

Young Claudia Winkleman

One of the main questions on many people’s lips is whether Claudia, 52, has always had her famous fringe. She’s known for her thick fringe which sits just below her brows.

When she was young, Claudia didn’t sport the fringe she has today though. When she was in her 20s, Claudia said she then cut her fringe cut in and her life changed.

I don’t need Botox now. Have you seen how long my fringe is?

She told a crowd during her Behind The Fringe tour in 2022: “When I was 21 and a virgin, I got my fringe and everything started happening.”

So what is the reason behind having a fringe for so many years?

Claudia Winkleman smiling with no fringe
Claudia without a fringe in 1995 (Credit: Shutterstock)

Claudia Winkleman’s reason behind her fringe

Have you ever had complaints over your hairstyle? Well, poor Claudia has!

Speaking to The Sun last year, Claudia said: “I am a walking fringe. But I grew it a centimetre every month and then suddenly started getting complaints. I genuinely get letters of complaint.

“The main concerns seem to be, ‘How does she see?’ and ‘What is she hiding?’. I also had a, ‘Have you got squirrels under there?’ which was a particularly good letter.”

Explaining the reason why she has a fringe, Claudia joked: “I don’t need Botox now. Have you seen how long my fringe is? It is now almost upper-lip length, I cannot recommend it enough.”

Meanwhile, in 2020, Claudia told OK! of her fringe: “It frees up a lot of time. It’s like a uniform. I think my kids really like wearing school uniform because they just get up and get dressed and don’t have to think about it. I needed that same thing, even though I was a grown-up.”

Speaking to Irish News, Claudia also suggested her fringe makes her feel more put together. She said: “If you’re on the school run, if you look disgusting, if you are knackered, if you have lost your house keys, if you are in mismatching shoes and the world’s falling apart… if you’ve got a fringe – a heavy fringe – something’s still going on.”

Claudia’s bizarre fake tan secret

Claudia always seems to sport a healthy looking tan – especially on Strictly! But how does she achieve it?

Speaking to Grazia last year, Claudia explained: “The love of my life is the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads, £39. Anyone who has not tried them needs to immediately go and buy them – one swipe and you will faint and openly weep. And we all know I like to be orange. But trust me when I say it won’t make you orange – just a sweep will make it look like you’ve eaten outside on a sunny day. They’re amazing. For my body an amazing woman called Sophia comes to my house to spray me. But if I’m doing it myself then I’ll put on Dove, Johnson’s or Utan and hope for the best. To say that I am ramshackle in my application would be a massive understatement.”

But she has a rather bizarre way to get rid of fake tan from her skin.

She once said: “I love being orange but to scrub it off I use table salt and a scourer – I have asked my husband to do it but it’s not good for foreplay.”

Claudia Winkleman on The Traitors
Claudia hosted The Traitors in early 2024 (Credit: BBC/Studio Lambert/Llara Plaza)

Diet secrets

In the same interview with Grazia, Claudia delved a bit into her diet and what she likes to eat. She revealed: “I wake up, go downstairs and make some peanut butter on toast. I’ll make a decaf coffee.”

Speaking to Marie Claire in 2022, Claudia discussed some of her favourite meals too. She said: “What is my favourite meal of all time: roast chicken, roast potatoes, horseradish. Buttery peas, then a cheese board that WILL include Gorgonzola, and then probably Tiramisu.”

She said she also loves toasted cheese sandwiches and avocados. Now we can get on board with that!

When it comes to exercise, Claudia said she loves a spin class. She told Marie Claire: “My favourite thing is to do spin because I’m locked into the bike, so I can’t leave. Because anything else, I will leave. I don’t like sweating, I don’t like pain, I can’t get my head around any of it. It’s not for me. I know when I’m best and that’s lying down.”

Claudia Winkleman pointing on The Traitors
Claudia’s outfits on The Traitors are perfection (Credit: BBC)

The Traitors outfits

We can’t not take the opportunity to discuss Claudia’s iconic outfits for The Traitors this recent series.

Her looks have been spot on to say the least. From her cable-knit jumpers to that iconic suit look for the show’s funeral episode – the outfits Claudia has sported for series 2 have been perfection.

Claudia is back on April 28 for a new series of The Piano.


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