Coronation Street murder plot REVEALED: “David is there to kill”

Jack P Shepherd speaks out about his character's destiny with death

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Revenge is on the menu in Coronation Street as David Platt goes on the warpath.

He is a character that is often only just on the right side of reasonable but the killing of his wife Kylie, has left him looking to take a life of his own.

With the killer behind bars awaiting trial for the stabbing of Kylie, David still believes that he needs to feel personal pain.

With this in mind, he goes after the murderer’s brother, in a storyline that actor Jack P Shepherd admits is a “win-win” for his character.

Speaking about the explosive developments for his character, Jack says that David, “really needs to do this”, so that he stays true to Kylie’s dying wish.

So, David is looking to dispose of killer Clayton’s brother, Macca.

Jack revealed: “David knows exactly where Macca is in the hospital so he heads off there.

“I liked the scenes when David goes with flowers, chocolates and grapes, even telling the ward staff he is here to see his cousin Macca – but it’s clear he is up to something sinister.

“David waits all day for Macca to come out of theatre and there’s a great shot when Macca is wheeled out.

“The trolley pauses and there is a frame of David staring over an unconscious, oblivious Macca for a few seconds before the trolley is wheeled away again.

“David is there to kill.”

Despite promising Kylie that he would be a ‘good guy’, the opportunity for revenge could prove too good to resist.

Jack admitted that David had no problems in getting violent: “He made a promise that he would look after the kids and bring them up well but he also made a promise to Kylie that he would get revenge on the people who murdered her.

“David believes he is not breaking either promise because once he has killed Macca and he is dead himself, his children will be looked after by Gail and Nick.”

Jack continued: “When David gets an idea in his head, he will not stop at anything until he has accomplished whatever he needs to or until the point where he is physically unable to do any more… for example dead.”

With this in mind, he goes after Macca.

Will an eye for an eye lead David to spiral in to oblivion?

Does he care now that his soulmate has been killed?

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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