Coronation Street: Nick tells Michelle the dirty truth about Leanne’s baby

Is it time up on Leanne and Steve's secret?

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One night of illicit passion can lead to a lifetime of regrets.

It seems that the world is about to come crashing down around Steve McDonald and wife Michelle.

Since Leanne fell pregnant with Steve’s baby, the timebomb has been ticking as to when lives will be blown apart with the news.

Nick Tilsley looks like he has appointed himself chief detonator as decides it is time for Michelle to know about her husband’s infidelity.

Calling at The Rovers, Nick orders Steve to come with him to talk about a Bistro takeaway service.

Surprise, surprise though, this wasn’t the subject of the conversation.

Driving to some waste ground, Nick confronts Steve about the baby.

Steve thought that the truth had been ‘locked down’, so was horrified to know that Leanne had shared the secret with Nick.

Steve swears that he wants nothing to do with the baby but Nick doesn’t want Steve to get off that lightly.

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After typing a text to Michelle, revealing Steve is a father-to-be with Leanne, he demands that Steve packs up and moves away or he will press ‘send’.

Not one to be bullied, Steve decides to call Nick’s bluff and refuses to bow to his demands.

Unfortunately for Steve, Nick is good to his word and presses the button.

How will Michelle react when she receives the news? Steve better don some battle armour!

Elsewhere, Todd is looking for a romantic night with the randy vicar.

He books a posh hotel so that he can be alone with Billy.

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The vicar’s ex-lover Sean overhears Todd telling Tracy about the plan and is not happy!

Jealousy can be an ugly state of mind and Sean is hell bent on revenge.

Could be a night that they’ll never forget!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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