Coronation Street’s Daniel Brocklebank bites back at homophobic response to gay kiss

He slapped down the trolls with some acerbic tweets

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Coronation Street actor Daniel Brocklebank has responded to critics who slammed his gay kiss with co-star Bruno Langley.

The duo, who play Billy Mayhew and Todd Grimshaw respectively, were seen sharing an embrace in a hotel room before reclining on a bed and kissing.

It didn’t sit too well with all that were watching the ITV soap.

Social media was awash with those that wanted to complain about what they’d watched.

A number of viewers aired their views with one calling it ‘sickening’.

Daniel wasn’t going to take these cruel comments lying down and bit back.

Taking on the homophobes that thought they would share their views, the Corrie star involved himself in the debate on Twitter.

Following the critical comments, Daniel responded by defending the show and adding that he was “disgusted” by the backlash.

He wrote: “Had many angry tweets saying ‘I’m disgusted my kids saw men kiss on TV’.

“I’m disgusted they left it up TV to teach their kids how love works.(sic)”

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He later added a conversation that played out between himself and his mother, in response to a tweet from a viewer: “Mum: See you’ve educated/annoyed the bigots again.

“Me: It’d seem so. Mum: I’m proud. How funny they choose the term ‘gag’ or ‘rammed down throat’.”

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Daniel had previously tweeted: “So many lovely, supportive & hilarious tweets about tonight’s @itvcorrie!

“Plus only a few from the homophobes! Maybe we’re winning a little.”

One wrote: “All the homophobes complaining about #Corrie not even realising the show was created by a gay man.”

Another added: “Good on ITV for showing something normal and appropriate to society today!”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor