Corrie viewers blast Nick Tilsley’s leaving storyline

What do you mean, driving off in your car is less dramatic than a tiny incident involving death-by-sand?

Corrie viewers were left furious after Nick Tilsley’s exit storyline ended up being… him saying goodbye to his mum and driving off. Woah! The drama! They’ll be talking about this for years.

The farewell had been teased as involving the long-running character’s death, with Nick nearly drowning in quicksand earlier this week.

But in the end, he was rescued by the coastguard, the interesting stuff was done and then later in the week, he left in, er, his car.

Nick’s character had been raising baby Oliver with girlfriend Leanne, despite the little boy’s biological dad actually being Steve McDonald.

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“I don’t like the person I’ve become, I wanted so much to be a dad but not like this,” Nick said to mum Gail.

“The problem’s up here, with me, so what do I do?”

“Do I stick around here, get bitter until I can’t see the good in anything? No. I need a reboot mum.”

That all makes total sense Nick but just one thing: sure you don’t want to take Gail with you?

As the episode finished, Corrie fans tweeted their disappointment with the storyline.

“Nick’s exit was so underwhelming I can’t,” said @hayleyminn.

“Nick had a terrible exit storyline,” added @afashionoddity, before going on to praise the other major storyline of the night, Bethany Platt being groomed.

The exit comes after actor Ben Price, who was in Footballers Wives before he joined Corrie to take up the role of Nick from a previous actor, admitted he wanted to spend more time with his family, who live in London.

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“It’s been amazing, I’ve loved the show, worked with amazing people and had amazing storylines,” said Ben in a recent interview.

“But my family live 200 miles away so I see my wife and child on a Saturday.

“I’ll be making paper mache, talking to my kids, taking them to school.

“I’ll leave one family and gain my real one back.”

Enjoy the paper mache, Ben. And, er, maybe stay off Twitter for a few days.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor