Danielle Lloyd recalls terror of potentially FATAL pitbull attack

The model and her fiancé are "lucky to be alive".

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Model Danielle Lloyd has opened up about the moment she and fiancé Michael O’Niell were attacked by a vicious dog.

Danielle, whose friend owned the dog, was saved by her man after the “pitbull-type” dog managed to get free of its chain.

Michael screamed at her to run, before the dog set on him instead – she was then forced to watch him being attacked.

Speaking on Loose Women, she revealed the details for the first time.

She said: “I went out on Michael’s motorbike for the first time. I thought that would be the craziest thing that day.

“I was terrified, but obviously things turned worse.”

The pair stopped off at a friend’s house, Michael went inside while Danielle waited in the garden, which is when the dog broke off its chain.

“I just heard Michael screaming that the dog had broken off and to get out.

“I had to hold the gate shut, but I had to watch helplessly as it attacked Michael. It got him on the backside.

“All I could think was, I’m so glad that the kids weren’t there. There’s no way they would have survived.”

Michael managed to fight the dog, and eventually made it through the gate, shutting the animal inside.

She said: “I was so thankful that he had got me to safety.

“I have never been so terrified. I imagined the dog somehow getting back out.”

Danielle continued: “It had blood coming out of its mouth, its eyes were bulging out of its head.

“I could imagine this dog somehow getting out. It’s not us it’s other people around, we need to get this dog put down or get it somewhere safe.”

Loose Women were only able to show a few pictures of Michael’s injuries, due to how bad they were.

Danielle revealed he’s doing “OK” but has to have some physiotherapy.

“He’s just really lucky to be alive because if it had got a main artery he wouldn’t be here now.

“I haven’t slept well since, and Michael, he saw his life flash before his eyes.

“Since then we’re like, we’re going to live life to the full because you never know what’s going to happen.

“All he could think about when he was being attacked was that story and that he was going to die.”

The dog, which she says was a pitbull cross has now been put down.

She told the panel: “Nobody could risk that dog attacking someone else, God forbid if it would have been a child.”

The former Celebrity Big Brother star confessed she would no longer like to have a dog, no matter how small.

She said: “I’m put off having dogs for life.

“My mum has a little dog, but he can be a bit nippy. I’m not saying never but around my children now, I’d never forgive myself.”

We can’t blame you Dan, we wish Michael a speedy recovery.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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