David Bowie’s ashes reportedly scattered at Burning Man event

Reports claim that may be the rock star’s final resting place

Part of David Bowie’s remains have been scattered during the annual Burning Man event, according to several reports.

The rock star’s family have kept his final resting place private ever since the Ashes to Ashes singer died in January 2016 aged 69.

But now E! News claims his godchild was given permission to take some of Bowie’s ashes and scatter them in the Nevada desert as part of the annual festivity this summer.

The source said: “David’s godchild and David had long talks about Burning Man and what it stands for, and David loved the message behind it.”

Each year attendees get a chance to memorialize their loved ones at a place called the Temple at the artistic and, sometimes, spiritual event.

According to the eyewitness 70 people attended the ceremony for Bowie.

“We played [David’s] music the entire drive from our camp to the Temple and back,” the source claimed.

“Most of us had the Bowie [lightning bolt] face paint on in his honour.”

Although a spokesperson for the rocker’s family has denied the rumours a blogger who attended Burning Man this year insists that it’s true.

Matt Mihály, who runs Burn.Life, told the Daily Mirror: “It originally came from my blog. There’s no question it’s true.

“I’ve spoken to multiple people who were there, including an art car owner who was in the procession and is in contact with Mr Bowie’s family.

“I’ve also seen photographs, which I’m not allowed to share out of respect.

“The family member who brought the ashes requested to be taken out of my piece, so I removed him/her from my article and post.

“It was apparently supposed to be a fairly private affair, but when you have dozens of people at something it’s unlikely to remain totally private.”

On his site, Mihály claims the ceremony took place last week Wednesday.

He wrote: “Bowie was one hell of a rebel, and I’m positive he would have loved Burning Man’s combination of outrageous style and music.”

Bowie died in January after a secret battle with liver cancer.

On September 7 – the day the ceremony supposedly took place in Nevada – his widow Iman attended her first public event since her husband’s death.

The 61-year-old supermodel went to Tom Ford’s fashion show in New York. She wore a gold necklace with her husband’s name on it.

The mum-of-two told Good Morning America: “I’m wearing this until my death.

“[Fashion designer] Hedi Slimane made it for me. It just says ‘David’.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor