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Davina McCall on why she stayed in ‘unhappy’ marriage: ‘This is really sad’

Davina was married between 2000 and 2017

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Davina McCall previously revealed the real reason why she stayed in an “unhappy” marriage with her ex-husband.

The TV star – who is presenting Long Lost Family on ITV1 tonight (June 10) – made the revelation in an interview last year.

Davina McCall
Davina and her ex-husband split in 2017 (Credit: Channel 4)

Davina McCall on ‘unhappy’ marriage with ex-husband

In an interview with The Times, Davina revealed why she stayed in her “unhappy” marriage for so long.

Davina, 55, was married to Matthew Robertson for 17 years between 2000 and 2017. However, in 2017, they divorced. Matthew and Davina share three children together – Holly, Tilly, and Chester.

In 2012, Davina was left devastated when her sister, Caroline, died after a battle with lung cancer. Caroline’s death forced Davina to confront aspects of her life that she claims she was “shoving under the carpet”.

The main issue she was avoiding was her marriage to Matthew.

Davina McCall Matthew Robinson
Davina and Matthew were married for 17 years (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Davina McCall on split from Matthew Robertson

Speaking to The Times, Davina said: “In the end, we were living completely separate lives. We were hardly talking. It wasn’t arguing. We never argued. We just lived separate lives. And we weren’t happy.”

She then continued. “I thought, ”I just want to be happy, and this is really sad. We’re in a marriage and we’re in it for the kids. We love our kids, but we’re just not happy.” And I thought, ”Is that really selfish?” because my parents divorced and I thought that was so selfish,” she said.

However, Davina didn’t immediately end the marriage. She and Matthew attended therapy in a bid to save their relationship.

However, she finally concluded: “We loved each other. But sometimes that isn’t enough.”

Since their split, Davina has found love with her long-time friend and hairdresser, Michael Douglas.

Michael Douglas / Davina McCall
Davina and Michael are now together (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Davina sets the record straight on her relationship

On the subject of Michael, Davina set the record straight on her relationship with her hairdresser boyfriend last year.

With Michael being a famous hairdresser to the stars, Davina revealed that people assume that she calls on her boyfriend to get her hair done. However, that’s not the case apparently.

“Everybody always says: ‘Oh you are so lucky to date a hairdresser – he must do your hair every day,” she told OK! magazine in April.

“I have never ever asked him to do my hair at home because he does hair all day. It’s like saying to your builder husband: ‘Oh darling, can you build me a shed?’,” she then said.

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Long Lost Family is on ITV1 tonight (June 10) at 9pm.

Davina McCall: How To Overcome ANY Trauma & Live The Life You Deserve | E210

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