Defiant Tulisa hits back over sex tape scandal and cosmetic surgery rumours

The singer didn't hold back under questioning on Good Morning Britain


Tulisa Contostavlos decided to start the week by getting a whole load of past misdemeanours off her chest.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain in support of her pop comeback, she decided to unburden herself of the regrets she has of her ‘black out period’ of her life.

With her new single, Sweet Like Chocolate, to plug, presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan were more interested in her past.

And surprisingly, Tulisa was happy to divulge her thoughts.

Speaking about her troubled recent past, she said: “I call that time in my life the black out period.

“But look, it was part of my life and it’s made me who I am today.

“It’s hard because it’s difficult to forget so when people think of Tulisa, all of those things come to mind.”

Tulisa then said about the drugs trial that caused her to have an emotional breakdown:”I didn’t beat myself up over that because i knew I was innocent all along – and that was proved.

“So I didn’t feel any remorse.

“But I can’t go into too much detail for legal reasons.”

Susanna had a question that was on most people’s lips.

What about the infamous sex tape, which she made with an ex-boyfriend?

Tulisa revealed: “That’s something I regret. I mean of course I regret it, wouldn’t you?

“But when I made it, I wasn’t that famous at the time.

“I was in a relationship with the person for two years and I trusted him.”

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Tulisa then spoke out about her drink driving conviction and how it was a “mistake”.

She said: “Everything I’ve been through has taught me how to become a more understanding person.

I care more about other people’s emotions now. I can relate when people are going through a tough time.

“I am less judgemental person because of what I’ve been through.”

Piers and Susanna then prodded Tulisa about whether she’d had cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks.

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The singer didn’t hold anything back with her reply: “All of the fillers I had in the past have now dissolved – apart from my lip fillers.

“I left them in and they are something I have to mainatin. I’m a big fan of lip fillers and collagen waves.

“I don’t feel under pressure to do anything thought.

People ask me if I’m unhappy with myself because they think that’s why I get these treatments – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I feel so detached from what I am on the outside. The person I am on the inside is very separate.”

It is so refreshing to hear a celebrity speak truthfully about a time in their life that was played in the full glare of the media, with many making their own judgements as to what was happening.

Tulisa put them straight today.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor