Donald Trump’s sniffing during debate sparks health rumours and social media frenzy

#TrumpSniffles is born with social media even speculating he was on drugs

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump recently raised questions about Hillary Clinton’s health.

But in Monday night’s first 2016 presidential debate Donald Trump sniffed so much, it left many of the estimated 100 million viewers questioning what was wrong with him.

Thousands took to social media to mock the Republican candidate’s relentless sniffing, pleading with someone to give him a tissue.

Before long his sniffing had become so prominent Trump even had his own @TrumpSniff Twitter account.

While the controversial businessman was busy yelling at opponent Hillary Clinton, 68, the internet was busy speculating what was worng with him.

“Trump was making fun of Hillary’s health but if he sniffs 1 more time i’m calling 911,” one person tweeted after the mogul, 70, mocked the Democratic presidential nominee’s recent battle with pneumonia.

Many others, including Governor Howard Dean, went several step further and suggested Trump’s sniffling was due to drugs.

“Trump literally sounds like he is high on cocaine right now. All that damn sniffling and babbling #debates,” another viewer tweeted, while Dean suggested: “Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?”

Twitter user Adam Scott posted: ‘I swear if I was just listening to the audio of this I’d think he was constantly snorting cocaine.’

Others tweeted that perhaps the Apprentice  host was dying.

“Trump keeps sniffling.. he’s sick omfg trump dying,” another shared with their followers.

Viewers also kept track of the amount of water Trump drank and several people went as far as to create Twitter accounts for his sniffles.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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