EastEnders: Viewers shocked by Dot Branning’s homophobic outburst at lesbian Sonia

Is Dot losing the plot as she has a u-turn with her views?

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The soaps are continuing to leave viewers shocked with EastEnders being the latest to air some controversial views.

In recent weeks, Emmerdale has been embroiled in a scandal after seemingly mocking disability, while Coronation Street had a very public shaming about a ‘racist’ comment that was uttered.

EastEnders have now joined the fray as Dot Branning showed herself to be a homophobe with some shocking admissions.

June Brown’s character in the Walford-based soap has always been a devout Christian.

So, when she received an invitation to Colin Russell’s wedding, her stance in life was going to be challenged.

Colin, who is played by Lord Michael Cashman, was the soap’s first gay character, some 30 years ago and had been friends with Dot during his time on Albert Square.

When lesbian Sonia Fowler arrived to collect Dot, so that she could go to Paul Coker’s funeral, she found her having a conflict of morals.

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She revealed to Sonia: “I’ve been invited to a friend’s wedding.

“I can’t go. I want to go but it isn’t right. They shouldn’t be getting married.”

As Sonia tried to understand why Dot wouldn’t celebrate the marriage of one of her friends, Dot said: “You can take root if you like, but I’m not going to the wedding and I’m not going to the funeral neither.”

She continued: “Look I got an invitation and I thought about it and I decided no and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

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Colin had obviously foreseen this situation and now was the moment for him to make his entrance, years after leaving Walford.

Dot was shocked to see him, as he said: “Hello Dot. I had a feeling you might not turn up unless I came for you.”

Viewers were confused as to Dot’s now apparent homophobia.

She had been a supporter of Colin’s relationships after initial reluctance to accept his sexuality, so now fans of the soap are wondering if Dot is suffering from dementia.

There were those that felt that the backlash towards EastEnders was coming from the same group of people that have rallied against Corrie’s gay kiss between Todd and Billy.

What’s for certain, our TV soaps are having a purple period for provoking debate among its viewers.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor