EastEnders’ Grant Mitchell and Tiffany reunited after 18 years

Soap couple torn apart by her tragic death

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It looks like her appearance on today’s Loose Women may have been Martine McCutcheon’s Perfect Moment as she was reunited with her original leading man.

The actress was on panel duty and was joined by a very special guest, professional hard man Ross Kemp, otherwise known as Grant Mitchell from EastEnders.

Soap fans above a certain age will recall that Grant was once married to Tiffany, a chirpy little Cock-er-nee sparra, with Bambi eyes and shiny raven locks. Truly exquisite by Walford’s standards – and played by wide-eyed showbiz newcomer Martine.

Tiff was infatuated with Grant, but he was a bit of a wrong un towards her; the cheat slept with her own mother! The poor girl eventually came to a sticky end on the cold, dirty concrete of Albert Square after she was mowed down by Frank Butcher.

Fans of the soap were crushed – it was up there with the devastation of Corrie fans this year when Kylie Platt died in David’s arms.

So imagine the delight of the audience of Loose Women as their Grant and Tiffany were finally reunited – well, Ross Kemp and Martine McCutcheon, at any rate.

And the thespians looked genuinely thrilled to see each each other, grinning from ear to ear and warmly embracing – no showbiz air-kissing for them!

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Martine, now 40, excitedly gushed about her Easties days, saying: “For me it was some of the best times ever, there was this code between us. We had each other’s back; I was so young I was 18 and still learning.”


Ross, 52, reminisced about the flak he took from the public after Grant was mean to Tiff, explaining: “Truly I remember being asked to present something at The Albert Hall at the time that Tiffany had been allegedly pushed down the stairs by Grant when actually she had tripped.

“I was like: ‘Are you sure you want me to give out this award?’ I walked on to the Albert Hall, and to a man and woman and [the audience] just went BOO!”

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The actor, who has been dipping his toe back into Walford this year, spoke of the tightness of the cast and crew, explaining: “You spend so much time with your fake family than your real family. You have an alternate family.”

With Pat Butcher having already made an appearance as a ghost in the soap, perhaps the idea of Tiff making a return to the show that made her famous isn’t beyond the realms of possibility…

Kaggie Hyland