Emmerdale: Kerry gets slap-happy after Nicola and Dan’s kiss is exposed

Secrets are not kept secret for long

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The illicit kiss is a staple of soapland and these secret liaisons are often exposed pretty quickly afterwards.

Kerry in ITV soap Emmerdale, is not someone you’d want to cross… especially with her fiery Geordie temper.

So, when Elliot reveals to the Woolpack’s regulars that Kerry’s man Dan has been locking lips with Nicola, there was only one outcome at the end of her warpath.

Nicola may be paralysed down one side of her body but it didn’t stop Kerry from dishing out some punishment for kissing her man.

Dan is quick to pass the blame on the pass at him at Nicola’s feet as he begs forgiveness from Kerry.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is tearing a strip off Nicola while informing her that the marriage is over.

After slapping Nicola into next week, Kerry is looking for some lips of her own to plant a smacker on.

With Jimmy none too keen on this scenario, Kerry hunts down village hunk Ross Barton to get a bit of the bad boy. Will her night of passion with Ross be seen as worse than Dan’s indiscretion?

Love is in the air over at the farm too. Well, may not exactly be love but some rebound lust but it seems that Moira is going to put the divorce proceedings with Cain behind her with some naughty fun with James Barton.

The Barton family is certainly getting its fair share of action between the sheets this week and father James is quick to turning an arm around Moira’s shoulders in to something more passionate.

Of course, underwear is left at the scene of the ‘crime’ and when James’s son Pete finds Moira’s bra, he is worried that the usually unhinged Emma will look for revenge on her ex-husband.

Poor Belle is still having a tough time on the streets.

Suffering from psychosis, she ran away from home and the Dingles have been searching the past weeks for her.

With the police saying that they are scaling down their search operation, Belle is forced to feed from bins.

As if it can’t get any worse for her though. She then has her sleeping bag stolen from her by drunken youths.

Let’s hope Zak and Lisa catch the scent of their daughter soon and Belle gets the help she needs.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor