EXCLUSIVE! Andy West on those FALSE ‘rent boy’ reports

ED!'s columnist writes the real story behind those ridiculous tabloid headlines

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When I saw the story about my supposed sordid past at university I guffawed. And I’m not a guffaw type of person. It’s amazing how a simple moment of honesty can spin out of all proportion.

I cannot believe I’m even writing this – it’s hilarious – but, here goes… I was not and have never been a rent boy. I mean, for goodness sake!

In a video on my new Youtube channel AndyVision I expressed the view that Keith Vaz MP was morally wrong to use his wealth and power to engage the services of younger lads who surely must be vulnerable, and that older guys in general shouldn’t use their power to take advantage of young, naïve lads or girls.

The video led to claims I’d taken thousands of pounds from men for a bit of slap and tickle at university, that they’d paid for taxis and that I’d had a string of ‘secret’ meet-ups… perhaps in some kind of costume and false beard, I don’t know. All of this from a mystery ‘source’ at university – and ALL utterly false.

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For my part, I’ve certainly never been paid a penny for sex. I’ve never been bribed in any way to sleep with people, but in my student days I did have a couple of older guys try to use their money to flirt with me.

They were just two separate men at two different times in my young life who liked me and tried to buy me things. I met them through my part-time jobs so I saw them as friends, really.

One guy was just a few drinks and dinner, the other took me out in Manchester and offered to pay for my hotel room because I was skint. Being 18 and flattered I said yes, but I insisted it was a single room and he could stay elsewhere.

I actually enjoyed spending time with older, wiser men. I remember feeling grown-up and special at a time when I was very insecure about myself. I genuinely thought it was all pretty innocent, but I know I was absurdly naive.

Both men tried to make moves on me once I’d been drinking and both were clearly hoping for something more than my friendship. It scares me that I didn’t see what was happening and I have often wondered what might have happened if the men had been more aggressive.

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I’m not against older men dating younger guys – age is just a number – but in connection to the Keith Vaz thing I was talking about something far more cynical and sordid than that.

Anyway, sorry everyone but, yes, I must admit I’m nowhere near as spicy and controversial as this latest story implies. I’m just focusing excitedly on my writing for and my other new ventures.

In the meantime, who knows what will come my way next! Perhaps I’ve stolen somebody’s zebra… or I’m considering a tattoo of Colonel Gaddafi on my bottom.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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