EXCLUSIVE: Louise Redknapp gives Strictly a ‘sexy’ warning

She’s used to being Naked, but in her forties she wants to cover up

Once upon a time, the gorgeous Louise Redknapp was happy to strut her stuff in barely there outfits as she belted out tasty tunes like Two Faced and Naked.

But now she’s a mum in her 40’s, she says she’s a lot more modest than she used to be.

And she says she has told the Strictly wardrobe department that she doesn’t want to flash the flesh!

“At the moment I’m being quite conservative,” the stunning songstress told ED! at the Strictly launch this week.

“I’m getting older and there is a fine line. You still have to go out there and be real to yourself.

“But I do have a child who’s older. I’d hate to be out there feeling stupid and I’m respectful of Jamie.

“I don’t want him to think ‘what is my wife wearing?’ I’m really nervous about anything too revealing.”

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She added that when she had her first wardrobe fitting she made it quite clear what she was happy and not happy to slip into on the show.

Louise admitted: “I was like ‘I don’t like this, I don’t like this, can I not wear glitter?’

“That for me is going to be a hurdle in itself.”

However, while she may have initially been a bit hesitant at throwing herself in to the world of Strictly, she admitted that once she did her first rehearsal in her heels and dress she finally felt she was Strictly ready.

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One person who isn’t Strictly ready is Louise’s gorgeous hubby, Jamie Redknapp.

When asked if he had considered hitting the dancefloor, she scoffed: ‘I don’t think I could ever get him on that Strictly dance floor.

“He wouldn’t want to, unless he has had a few drinks and then we do that together. He’s not a dancer.”

Christian Guiltenane
Freelance Writer

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