Faith Evans’ wardrobe malfunction sparks Twitter frenzy during concert

Twitter goes into overdrive but singer may have been wearing nude panties

R&B singer Faith Evans sent Twitter into meltdown on Sunday when a fan posted a video of her apparently, accidentally flashing the audience at a concert.

The 43-year-old singer was singing You Used to Love Me during a set on the Bad Boy Family Reunion tour in Boston, Massachusetts.

She was wearing a sexy, ivory white dress with hip-high slits, which wasn’t too revealing when she wasn’t holding on to it.

But during her performance Faith grabbed a bit of her gown, swayed in time to the music and accidentally lifted it up so high it showed her nether regions.

Or did it? While some fans reposted the video and flooded Twitter with memes about the singer exposing herself others weren’t so convinced and suspected she was wearing nude panties.

The memes and GIFs ranged from the funny to the vulgar. One person tweeted: “I’m just glad Faith Evans isn’t dead. My heart skipped a beat when I seen [sic] her name was trending.”

Another person wrote: “I see Faith Evans got possessed by the same spirit that caught Janet Jackson during her super bowl performance.”

Others were less impressed. Another fan wrote: “Faith Evans is trending because she accidentally lifted her dress too high, LOL…”

She added: “She had on nude underwear. Let her LIVE!”

Yet another person tweeted: “PSA for folks who’ve never seen a vagina before: Faith Evans was clearly wearing nude panties.”

The singer has yet to comment on the incident herself but on Saturday night, before she hit the stage, she posted Instagram photos of herself wearing the glamorous dress and flashing her thigh-high sexy lace boots.

We can’t tell if Faith was flashing or not but we’re going to preserve her modesty just in case.

But have a look at a photo of her moments before she accidentally lifted her dress all the way up:

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor