Finally! Father and son united as Grant discovers Mark Fowler Junior is his son

He finally finds out that he's the daddy

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It has been one of the biggest secrets in Albert Square but, finally, the truth is out.

Grant Mitchell has discovered that Mark Fowler Junior is his son.

Ross Kemp’s character has been in the dark for all this time – until his brother Phil (Steve McFadden) decided to reveal the truth.

The Mitchell brothers have often been at loggerheads, but came together again after Phil collapsed and was admitted to hospital.

With Phil being laid up feeling unwell, Grant went off to save Phil’s son Ben (Harry Reid) from kidnappers.

Mark insisted on accompanying him on the rescue mission.

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As father and son joined forces, Phil felt he needed to repay his brother.

Revealing the family secret was the reward.

“There’s something you need to know. Call this me doing something for you,” he said.

When Phil mentioned Mark, Grant summed up his view of the lad: “He seems like a decent enough kid, which is a miracle considering who his mother is, but there you go.”

Mark is the son of Grant’s sworn enemy Michelle Fowler (Susan Tully), and the product of an unexpected one night stand in 1995.

His father never knew about the secret love child.

Phil explained: “I only found out a bit ago myself. Found out – Michelle, she wrote to mum just before she died.

“He’s – he’s your kid, Grant. Mark. Mark is your son.”

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Mark himself still does not know the truth.

Viewers’ reactions? “Finally!!!!”

The question is now, will Grant reveal the truth to Mark?

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor