Stacey Solomon hints at engagement with Joe Swash

An appearance on The Saturday Show could have given it away

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Whether is was a mutual agreement over the nourishing values of wichetty grubs or the love of a jungle camp, there seems to be love in the air for two former I’m A Celebrity stars.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash seem to have found their perfect match with each other.

Full of smiles and holding hands, the pair have been dating for nearly a year and it looks like they could be making a more permanent commitment.

Well, they would be if Stacey has her way!

While appearing on Channel 5’s The Saturday Show, the former X Factor star dropped a big hint to her boyfriend to get down on one knee.

During an ad break, Stacey decided to try out a couple of rings for size.

Slipping on host Gaby Roslin’s and then guest Sheree Murphy’s engagement rings, Stacey wanted to see how a sparkling diamond would look on her finger.

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It seems that she would like it very much actually.

Her fitting session was then given away to the nation when Gaby revealed what Stacey had been up to while the adverts were on.

Gaby said: “You know I always let you know what happens during ad breaks.

“Well, Stacey has been trying on my engagement ring, Sheree’s engagement ring and has even moved her own rings around to see what it will look like when Joe proposes.

“It’s true!”

Co-host Matt Allwright then joked: “Joe you’re in trouble on so many levels!”

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Stacey thought that this was an ideal opportunity to capitalise on and hinted to her beau to get his skates on.

As she giggled about the situation, she said: “It’s not true! Well, maybe it is a little bit true.”

Better start saving then Joe as the hint is out there.

We all now wait with baited breath to see if he is spotted peering in to jeweller’s shop windows or whether he will keep his head down and hope it all passes over.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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