Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin finalizes divorce number 3

Actress must pay $10,000 to ex Morty Coyle and submit to drug testing

Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin has signed the dotted line on her third divorce.

As part of the agreement the troubled 34-year-old must pay ex-husband Morty Coyle $10,000 and submit to drug testing to drive their six-year-old daughter.

In divorce papers obtained by it states the couple will share joint custody of their daughter Beatrix, who can only drive with a sober parent and that both parties can request the other take drugs tests.

Sweetin, who has been sober for five years, has a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Now engaged to writer and producer Justin Kodak, 39, Sweetin filed for separation from Coyle in June 2013 citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ after only being married for one year.

She is starring as Stephanie Tanner in the sequel to the long-running series Full House.

The divorce papers specify Beatrix can travel with either parent, but has to have written permission from the other parent or a court order to take the child out of the state of California and she must only travel with a sober driver.

They documents state: ‘The minor child shall only be driven by a sober driver. Either party may request that the other party submit to hair follicle drug testing at ARC upon 12 hours notice.’

Sweetin revealed all about her downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse in her memoir unSweetined.

It told how the child star started drinking at the tender age of 14 and at one point was so out of it had to be
carried out of co-star Candace Cameron’s wedding after downing two bottles of wine.

In her 20s she began experimenting with cocaine and ecstasy and became addicted to crystal meth.

In one passage of the book, Sweetin discusses breaking into tears while addressing a crowd at Wisconsin’s Marquette University while coming down from a two-day bender on methamphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy.

But despite spells in rehab Jodie began drinking again after the birth of her eight-year-old daughter, Zoies, but managed to stop when mid-divorce from her second husband, Cody Herpin, she was threatened with losing custody.

Sweetin and Coyle will have joint legal and physical custody of Beatrix. Sweetin will have her Tuesday evenings through Friday nights and every other weekend.

Coyle will have Beatrix at all other times and if he is not performing as a DJ on Tuesdays, he has the option of exercising custody through Wednesday morning.

Sweetin and Coyle will co-plan Beatrix’s birthdays and alternate years having custody of her on Thanksgiving.

The actress will have Beatrix for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day each year, while Coyle will have their daughter from December 26 through 28 every year.

Neither Sweetin nor Coyle will have to pay child support.

When it comes to dividing community property assets, Sweetin and Coyle will each receive half of all royalties and residuals earned by the pair during their marriage.

As for shared property debts, Sweetin must pay Coyle $10,000. She will pay ‘$2,500 upon execution and installment payments of at least $100 each month. Debt must be paid in full by January 31, 2017’, according to court documents.

Sweetin’s first husband was Los Angeles Police officer Shaun Holguin who she married at the age of 20 in 2002 but divorced four years later.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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