Gail Porter has had a boob job!

The surgery has been life-changing for her

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Gail Porter has revealed that she has had a boob job and she couldn’t be happier.

The former presenter has had her breasts reduced from a 28JJ to a 28C.

As a young woman, her naked body was projected on the Houses of Parliament and became a pin-up and young lads dream.

Behind all of the glitz and glamour, Gail battled with anorexia in a bid to reduce her breasts and fight depression.

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The personal trainer uploaded a photo to Twitter, showing off her smaller chest.

Gail spoke to The Sun exclusively and said: “When I took my bra off, my boobs would fall down to my knees and clap together.

“Now they stand up on their own.”

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The Scot, who has had a very public battle with depression, alcoholism and bipolar disorder, revealed that her cancer scare gave her the courage to go ahead with the surgery.

Back in 2008, she discovered “a few lumps” and it scared her immensely.

“Waiting for those results was the scariest two weeks of my life,” she told The Sun.

She added: “I was a mess with worry but thankfully the lumps were benign. It made my mind up to get the surgery. I was going to get the lumps removed so I might as well get the reduction.”

Talking of her new lease of life, she said: “My life has totally changed. My confidence has soared and my exercise regime is so much easier without the extra 8lb of flesh, she explained.

“My posture is totally different, I am not ashamed to sit upright. I can find clothes that fit and my body is in proportion.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor