Georgina Leigh Cantwell EOTB EXCLUSIVE: “Chrysten 100% knew that Gaz had a girlfriend before she banged him”

ED!’s reality TV critic has sharpened her claws and is ready to get scratching

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I would like to put this out there… I have never cheated,

BUT I have had every single boyfriend cheat on me… Every. Single. One.

But, everyone says, ‘oh leave them,’ but it isn’t as easy as you think when feelings are involved. Sometimes you can work through those mistakes, but trust is REALLY hard to repair!

So, god knows why every girl believes that they can change Gaz Beadle. They must be deluded!

You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped!!

Lillie plays the victim too much, even Helen Wood sees through it. People won’t change for someone unless their feelings are genuine and the person also agrees with their faults.

Ultimately you shouldn’t change for someone, but sometimes people make you want to be better, or do better and that requires a few changes.

What about Chrysten Zenoni? Her body is banging… she’s very hot. She seems really chill.

BUT awks when Olivia said she was happy that she walked out the sea.

It’s a bit odd if that’s your beau’s ex nap buddy… She’s the girl that he cheats on all his girlfriends with, that’s not exactly a good title to have.

Actively saying you have no respect for other girls or girl code! I definitely wouldn’t want her as a friend.

I think Chrysten 100% knew that Gaz had a girlfriend before she banged him… 100%. I am sure Gaz said something like, ‘watch out, I have girlfriend, keep it quiet.’

With Lillie staying clear of Hawley, does that make me respect her more for not rubbing it in Jemma’s face?

No, Lillie is just messed up! She doesn’t know what she wants, or who. But nobody in the villa is any good for her.

I just don’t think you’d go on a show surrounded by exes to try and find a stable relationship. The entire villa is surrounded with unstable personalities. It’s exes that don’t get along, or had bad break ups, just to cause drama.

Jemma is a hypocrite though. Pot. Kettle. That’s all I’ll say. She’s banged most the villa, or fondled or kissed them.

If it was me, I’d go just for the luxury villa and the amazing tan. There’s no chance I’d ever get with anyone in the villa. Regardless of who!

But I don’t have any exes who would go on, or who I’d ever want to be around to sign up for it.

I would not pick any of them in there, none are my type anyways. I mean, have you seen Jackson… that’s my type and they nothing like him in there!

Jemma said “Have you seen me, have you seen her (Lillie)”, do you think Jemma even owns a mirror?

Well, I don’t think Lillie is all that…. but she’s better than Jemma.

Jemma needs a head check, she’s mentally unstable but she’s also not exactly easy on the eyes to look at.

There was a time that I considered EOTB, for the villa and the tan but it’s just too much sex and drama.

I would love to go on TOWIE or The Jump as I’d like to do something active.

Coach Trip is probably most up my street. That’s all about travelling and I’d be right up for that!

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