Georgina Leigh Cantwell EOTB EXCLUSIVE! “I’m not sure why everyone raves about Lillie Lexie!”

The BB star sharpens her tongue on the latest goings-on in the villa

So, Gaz’s ex Lillie arrived. I’m not sure what everyone raves about? If I was really in love with someone I wouldn’t be using EOTB to get back with them, or just to be around them again to get answers.

That’s a bit desperate, no? You broke up, move on… and certainly don’t do a show like EOTB with its reputation to try and get closure. That’s weird!

It takes a lot for a man to cry, so Gaz’s reaction to Lillie turning up could be pretty real. But then the sheepishness could also be an act. I think we’ll find out if it’s an act as the series goes on!

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Lillie said she wanted things to be friendly with Gaz and I do think it’s possible, but sometimes that takes years. If she truly loved him then it’ll take a very long time to get to that point. Right now it’s probably too raw, but by the reaction of Lillie with Jemma, maybe she’s over it.

I would not be able to handle my ex sleeping with my friend as calmly as she did. My exes have usually cheated on me, so I actually don’t even attempt to be friends with them now so I wouldn’t really know what it’s like to try and be friends with them in the future!

Bear’s reaction to meeting Lillie is all an act, I reckon. All game playing, same as it was when he literally didn’t care about her CBB speech over the summer!

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Bear even explained on a morning chat show that his entire aim is to be dramatic for camera attention. So this show is about coupling up, Liam is never aired on the show because he never gets girls – Bear, gets girls so he’s aired.

Poor Charlotte, though. I think any girl would be upset to be mugged off like she was by Bear when Lillie arrived on TV and in front of other people. It’s going to be intense in that villa, not as hard core as BB but it’s still got to be nearly on par with the intense emotions.

Charlotte may have regretted getting with Bear a bit, but YOLO. If it feels right in the moment sometimes people can’t help themselves. She’s such a fun girl – and she probably didn’t expect him to jump onto Lillie so quickly, or to even have some sort of competition.

Liam got sent home. Good! He looks like a squirrel, and he has the personality of a peanut. So nobody notices him and that’s why he got sent home. Viewers don’t notice him and nor did the people living with him! CRINGE.

He’s so rude!! How dare he say that the girls are no higher than a six out of 10, he should look in the mirror, he’s evidently not over a 2/10 or he would have bedded a girl!

Kaggie Hyland