Georgina Leigh Cantwell’s Ex On The Beach exclusive: “Lillie is an idiot and a wet blanket”

ED!'s reality TV critic has had her claws done this week - OUCH!

Where to start with the latest Ex On The Beach goings-on?!

So Gaz was revealed as cheating on Lillie. Will he ever stop being a love rat? I wish I could predict the future but I can’t. I am sure he will get sick of his ways one day, there are only so many years being a love rat will be fun for.

One girl will genuinely grab his attention and be his for good. But it wasn’t Lillie!! HA! I think that’s why she plays the victim, because she wanted to be the one to save him. Why do people act like she’s hot s**t? She has a good body but the rest – bit manly!

Lillie is an idiot, if you ask me, who can only play victim for those who don’t see through her act. She had seen Gaz on Geordie Shore; yeah it’s scripted reality TV but there’s always some element of truth to it!! Why you’d go there with a man who has that reputation I’ll never know.

Then to go for someone like Bear who just played an evil game of Spin the Bottle – with her having to kiss him and then her ex –  is again, beyond me! What Bear did was sick and messed up. She even said what Bear did was evil, so why would you think he wouldn’t be manipulative in a relationship?

She’s either really really naive or just stupid, and with a patronising, slow-talking voice. Yeah, you trolls reading this, I know I moaned, but now I get why my voice was grating to some; hers does my head in.

In fairness to Gaz, I do get why he chose his career over a girlfriend. Anyone with a 9-5 would choose work and EARNING money over a girlfriend. Just because people don’t always class reality TV as a job they think he’s done something wrong by not picking girls. He has to maximise this reality TV opportunity while he can.

I’m not sure how I would feel watching an ex kiss someone else in front of me. It depends whether I still liked them or not. As Gary said, he has no feelings left for Lillie, so watching her kiss Bear wasn’t even a thing for him.

Lillie probably just wants the pity vote; us girls have watched enough reality TV to know that it’s quite easy to get the pity vote from the public.

With Lillie, I don’t understand the competition between Hawley and Bear for her. I don’t even care who wants her, they’ll have more fun watching paint dry. I bet all she does is sob over a mean text or complain about them texting other girls.

Yeah, yeah, that’s rich coming from me considering I’d got mad with Jackson and Evelyn but I didn’t go cry about it. Like she said, she’s a wimp. She couldn’t have described herself any better. So whoever “wins” her, wins a wet blanket.

As for Bear pie-ing off Charlotte… I think she’s a tough cookie, it’s always best to put up a front for the boys, and then cry to the girls. It’s not a good look to cry in front of boys – she was right to sob behind his back and then good to put up a front with him.

I would have behaved exactly the same, so I am team Charlotte! She’s got balls of steel and men need to respect it; Bear clearly had no respect for her.

Bear just wants the new shiny toy…  and people think Gaz is bad? They’re wrong! The one to watch is Bear. I think Gaz would at least show you a shred of respect.

As for Holly, she just needs to go home. I have thrown a drink over someone, as witnessed in Taking New York. But it was as civil as drink throwing can get! I’ve had my crazy moments with guys but Holly is on a whole new level of crazy, like, I genuinely think she needs some anger management. More so than Megan Mckenna!

Until next time!!

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