Zayn Malik’s girlfriend Gigi throws serious shade at his ex Perrie

Gigi didn't hold back with her opinions

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The gloves have come off again as Zayn Malik’s supermodel girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, has had a dig at his former flame.

She has also revealed what attracted her to the former One Direction star… “his brain”.

Zayn is not renown for his deep thinking and profound quotes but it seems Gigi has fallen for him, as they enjoy doing “art together”.

Speaking to ES magazine, Gigi didn’t hold back with her views as to why it works so well with Zayn.

She said that Zayn was her “best friend” and that it was the first time that they had been in a relationship where they enjoyed similar interests with their partner.

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Gigi revealed: “For the first time, we are both in a relationship where we have very similar interests outside of work and that is really important.

“We cook a lot together and do art together and we’re each other’s best friends.

“We both feel we can talk about anything and learn a lot from one another.”

Gigi, whose sister Bella was named GQ Model of the Year, added that she is loving all things British.

So, while she calls out Zayn for making “a brilliant curry”, she also reveals that she is “loving Heinz Baked Beans in the morning”.

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The fifth-highest paid model in the world said: “I’m also getting super into British foods. I’m loving Heinz baked beans in the morning, yeah and Z cooks a lot.

“He makes a brilliant curry. Butter chicken is his signature dish. Don’t worry – he’s representing good for the British boys!”

Gigi also opened up about how her friendship group, with Katie Moss and Taylor Swift among others, have helped her through life.

She revealed: “The reason you become so close to people in the industry is that they understand what it is that you are experiencing.

“We all teach and learn from one another. If you have a question about privacy, for example, everyone is super helpful about it.”

She also gave an insight as to why her best friend Taylor likes an Englishman.

Gigi reckons that the multi-award winning singer loves UK men because of their “sense of charm”.

After recent high profile relationships with Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris, the ‘charm’ of a British man may soon be wearing thin.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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