Gino D’Acampo throws EPIC strop over Mary Berry and Gordon Ramsay on This Morning

Someone's feeling a little bit neglected...

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Gino D’Acampo is usually such a sweet, friendly face when on This Morning, but he has really got a bee in his bonnet about something.

The bubbly chef showed a more serious side to him when he kicked off and nobody knew whether he was joking or being deadly serious. Either way, it made for entertaining telly!

The Italian chef has been a regular face on This Morning for nearly ten years now, but yet he still doesn’t have his picture up on the studio wall. There are plenty of other chefs however, that are up there for all to see.

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He kicked off his epic rant by saying: “So we’ve got Gordon Ramsay, Mary Berry. then we have Ken Hom, John Torode…

“The picture of everyone, where is my picture in this studio here?!”

Thankfully, presenters Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby found it hilarious and tried to calm him down. Gino continued to let rip.

To make him feel better Phil told him that there was a photo of him in the corridor on the way into the building. Gino wasn’t having that though: “Why? it should be in here. Ten years I’ve been doing This Morning with you guys, where is my picture in the green room?”

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The gorgeous blonde presenter said that he was part of the family and there was no need to have him on there, but Gino snapped back saying “Well you two are on here!”

Some viewers absolutely loved his little outburst, and some did not. One viewer commented on the fact he loves a whinge.

This viewer however, did not find it funny.

Well, we love him!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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