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GMB branded a ‘parody’ over debate about banning Mr Whippy ice cream vans

Viewers were left rolling their eyes

GMB viewers branded the news show a “parody” today (July 19), after a debate on whether Mr Whippy vans are causing climate change was aired.

Presenters Ranvir Singh and Ed Balls hosted the debate, between journalist Afua Hagan and Ice Cream Alliance president Katy Alston.

The pair argued over whether the fact that ice cream vans usually keep the engine running is contributing to climate change, after an unusually warm week across the UK and parts of Europe.

Split screen on GMB
The debate sparked outrage among viewers (Credit: ITV)

Calls for ice cream van ban on GMB today

Afua said she believes everyone has a “responsibility towards doing what we can to negate the effects of climate change”.

I don’t want to take away anyone’s livelihood, it’s not about that at all.

Despite liking Mr Whippy ice cream, she said: “The effects of the carbon dioxide that comes from the diesel of the ice cream vans are part of the reason it’s part of climate change.”

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She went on: “Everybody has to do their part, and of course, I don’t want to take away anyone’s livelihood, it’s not about that at all.

“It’s about everybody doing their part.”

But Katy didn’t think the criticism was fair.

Journalist Afua Hagan
Journalist Afua Hagan suggested that Mr Whippy vans should be scrapped (Credit: ITV)

She argued: “We all have a role in reducing our carbon footprint, we all have a responsibility, and we are on that journey.

“But like everyone else, it takes time to get there, and that is what I think people need to be aware of.”

She said that although the ice cream industry is trying to make its vans electric, a single electric ice cream truck would cost around £140,000.

She added: “Yes you could run a machine like this electrically but you wouldn’t be able to move around so you wouldn’t be able to do a round around the community.”

But viewers were left fuming at the ‘ridiculous’ segment.

Ice Cream Alliance president Katy Alston joined the show from her van (Credit: ITV)

GMB viewers left rolling their eyes today

One Twitter user wrote: “FFS, ice cream causes climate change. #GMB is becoming a parody.”

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Another thought Afua was looking in the wrong direction for someone to blame. They wrote: “I’m all for reducing the carbon footprint, but this is ridiculous. So we are going after small business operators now?

“How much fossil fuel does it take to run a McDonald’s or a KFC? Why are we now going after the ice cream van?”

A third commented: “So the extreme heat is causing havoc on a [bleep] poor infrastructure ill-equipped to deal with temperatures that have been predicted for quite some time, and all you’re interested in is getting rid of Mr Whippy?”

Someone else simply summed their opinion up with a GIF:

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