Steph Davis hints at new romance while expecting Jeremy McConnell’s baby

New romance is on the cards...

Steph Davis has alluded to the fact that she might have a new man in her life

The mum-to-be got fans talking with a snap on Instagram hinting at a mystery companion as she sat getting her hair done.

She coyly wrote: “Ahhhhh… He waited for me all day while I got my hair done…”

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The 23-year-old, is expecting her first child with estranged ex Jeremy McConnell, and remained fairly tight-lipped about the rumours but said she was “enjoying herself” and “happy”

Steph now has a pregnancy blog for OK! magazine and opened up about feeling the best she’s ever felt.

She wrote: “Some of you have been asking and I won’t confirm or deny anything, but I think the Loose Women hit the nail on the head when they said I’ve got this calmness about me, and I have, I think I’m so settled and so well rested.

“I’ve got my great family behind me and I’m just at a really good point in life, I just feel the best I’ve ever felt. So I’m just really happy and I’m just going to let things go the way they are.”

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Steph continued: “I do 100 per cent think differently about the dating scene now though, becoming a mum is a complete game changer, the love of my life is my little boy and it would have to be someone really special.”

Talking about new romance’s, the Hollyoaks actress said she would want to be careful.

She said: “I wouldn’t put the relationship anywhere, or in anyone’s face until we’d been going out for a long time and I was 100 per cent ready to introduce him into my son’s life.

“Right now I’m just enjoying myself though and I’m happy and that’s the main thing, but time will tell and we’ll see but right now I’m really really happy and things couldn’t be going better.”

Good on ya Steph.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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