Heartbroken Big Brother star Andy West is savagely attacked by cruel reality TV RICH KID

Andy looks to keep his dignity during the unprovoked onslaught

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Fans have jumped to the defence of TV presenter and Big Brother star Andy West after Rich Kids Go Shipping start Dhillan Bhardwaj launched a vicious attack on him.

This came after Andy confessed he that feels hurt when people ask him about when he is getting married to the fiance he recently split from.


In a video clip posted on his Facebook page, Andy thanked his fans for the amazing support they have given him since he left the BB house but admitted that he feels ‘hurt’ every time someone comes up to him to ask him about his shortlived engagement.

“People come up to me all the time and say congratulations on your engagement, or how’s Ed and when is the wedding,” he says in the emotional clip.

“And twenty or thirty times a day I have to say it’s called off, I am not with him anymore. Google it.

“There’s nothing you can do about it. People aren’t going to know because they have better things to do because they have better things their life to do to that much of an interest in what’s happening with me. But it does hurt!”

He added: “For every one of those messages that make me feel awkward or uncomfortable, I get fifty from people who are so sweet ad kind. And I really appreciate that.”

However, Dhillan, who appeared in an episode of Rich Kids Go Shopping and is the teenage CEO of Ratchet clothing, laid in to Andy, cruelly ridiculing him for his comments.

“Didn’t he propose to you? You’ve been onto Big Brother where millions watched.

“So expect to be asked the question, it’s not like after being on a show like that everybody would be mute about it.”

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Fans hit back in their droves, with Christine Flight summing up the general thought: “I’m sure ‪Andy ‬‬‬is more than aware of the interest a show like BB drums up but come on, it’s been weeks now since the show ended.

“Anyone with any genuine interest in him will have seen, read or heard about what happened and I hope would show enough sensitivity to not ask.

“Did you bother to watch Andy’s video by the way? I guess not or you wouldn’t have written such a crass comment.

“Being in the public eye does not mean it’s acceptable to be made to feel awkward, hurt or uncomfortable, whether accidentally or purposely.”

Dhillon hit back: “Listen, before you try defend him, I did a documentary with Channel 4 with a viewing of MORE THAN an episode of big brother so I defiantly no [sic] what it’s like to be in the public eye.

“Unfortunately you have to build a bridge and get over it. Nobody’s gonna keep their mouth shut.

“And no, I didn’t watch the video, because it’s pointless, people will STILL ask afterwards.”

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As more of Andy’s fans leapt to defend his honour, Dhillan then began to boast about how he turned down the chance to join Andy in the civilian Big Brother series and is now supposedly styling for Rihanna!

“I have been on Big Brother, read,’ Dhillan wrote. “I was a rehearsal housemate, I lived in the house for a week. I was meant to be in on this year but I have better things planned. E.g being Rihanna’s stylist but I’ll let you and the whoever the woman is finish.”

While fans branded the Rich Kid arrogant and insensitive, Dhillan hit back slamming one with a cutting: “Never said you was [jealous] Lol. I thought older people are wiser. Goodnight love.”

Andy, who kept a dignified silence finally called time on the online spat by telling to step down after his messages became ‘abusive’.

Speaking out, Andy said: “I applaud Dhillan for his success and his clothes are great but I was disappointed to see someone mocking my amazing fans for their gender or their age.

“It surprised me because I thought Dhillan spoke in schools against bullying? Does he teach children that it’s okay to belittle people who disagree with you by picking on them for who they are? I deleted his last reply which had foul language in it.

“I was really touched by the way my fans stuck up for me but more importantly I just feel so lucky to have people who understand what I’ve been going through because they’ve had a broken heart too. I’m grateful to them.”

Andy continued: “I think Dhillan is a nice guy really but while money can buy you clothes and cars it can’t buy you kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness or humility. That comes with time.

“It’s a pity he wasn’t chosen as a full Big Brother housemate because I’d have liked to get to know the sweet guy beneath the bravado.

“I’’m sure Dhillan is a nice guy really but while money can buy you clothes and cars it can’t buy you kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness or humility.

“That comes with time. It’s a pity he wasn’t chosen as a full Big Brother housemate because I’d have liked to see if there is a sweet guy beneath the bravado.”

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