Holly Willoughby branded a “cheap date” live on air

She didn't disagree either!

We all know that Holly Willoughby loves a drink but she divulged a little more about her drinking habits on This Morning earlier today.

She was labelled a “cheap date” live on air during a wine segment on the show.

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Wine expert Joe Wadsack joined the hosts to discuss celebrity vineyards and wines.

After the blonde beauty opted for one of the less expensive wines on offer, Joe said: “Well that makes you a cheap date, because that’s £35.”

Finding it hilarious, cheeky Phil said: “I can vouch for that!”

Laughing too, the mother-of-three said: “I can cope with that.”

The pair are also the best of friends and have made it rather public they have had some messy nights out.

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Earlier this week, the dynamic duo were sat on the sofa complaining about a cocktail that didn’t have enough vodka in it.

Sampling the fruity alcoholic beverage, Holly commented: “It’s rather nice but it’s quite sweet actually, very fruity and lemonady. It doesn’t taste like it’s got much vodka in it.”

Phillip immediately added: “It’s not to our standard.”

Remember when the presenters turned up to film the show still drunk from the National Television Awards after they’d won Best Daytime Show?

They apologised profusely to This Morning viewers and said: “We blame you entirely for what is about to happen. We can only apologise because we’re not right.”

Oh, we love those two!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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