Holly Willoughby SLAMMED by fans for flaunting her wealth

She's flashing the cash and people aren't happy

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This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby may be applauded for wearing affordable outfits on the ITV daytime show but it seems that splashing the cash doesn’t sit so well.

There’s no doubt that Holly has a pretty pay packet for her various TV roles but it seems the moment that she gets a bit flash, it has been slammed by her fans online.

She posted on Instagram a pic of the trainers that her daughter Belle was going to wear to a birthday party on a farm.

Where the problems started for those reading the post was with Holly’s caption: “Blue Ivy going to the VMA’s… Belle going to a birthday party at the farm! #giuseppezanotti @giuseppezanottidesign”

These top end sneakers were the same as those worn by Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy to the VMA’s.

At £390 a pair, these designer trainers are not your usual footwear for running around a farm in.

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It doesn’t take much to get the online trolls out from under their bridge and they soon piled in on Holly’s post to make their feelings known about the ‘show off shoes’.

Though Holly ignores those that leave negative comments on her social media posts, there are some that stand up for her.

One wrote: “Me and my 5 year old love experimenting with fashion, maybe with a smaller budget but hey I earn less.

“@hollywilloughby a girl can never have enough shoes X ignore the trolls”

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Another agreed, with a lengthy attack on her trolls: “Can I just say @hollywilloughby works dam hard,

“I always turn my TV on and see her on various programme’s and I really admire her work ethic especially juggling motherhood with 3 small children…”

She continued: “It’s nobody’s buisness what she spends her money on!!! Bitter & jealousy is such an ugly look on a lot of you!

“I’m sure if you worked as hard as she does you would be buying nice things to!!!

@hollywilloughby you enjoy spending that money that you worked so hard for and enjoy every second (sic)”

Imagine the meltdown when Holly posts a pic of the footwear for a posh night out!

There was a more positive response to the fun pics that Holly shared of her holidays with Phillip Schofield.

Can these two bezzies ever be apart for one minute?

It looks like Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are REALLY enjoying their summer break.

‘Schofe’ joined Holly in sunny Portugal sporting matching ‘I [LOVE] PS’ and ‘I [LOVE] HW’ t-shirts.

The playful pair looked absolutely adorable as they imitated Tom Hiddleston’s cringey declaration of love to Taylor Swift wearing the white vests.

Phillip captioned their summer shot “#summer #holiday #bestie ” and Holly loved it so much she re-posted it on her page, along with a pic of the pair laughing so much they had to hold onto each other to stop themselves from falling!

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Could these two BE any cuter?

Forget Hiddleswift, it’s all about Willofield from now on.

The presenting duo have jetted off on holiday before, as Phil revealed that they had stayed just ‘two streets’ away from each other in Portugal during the Easter hols.

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There is a naughty side to Holly too, as she has shared a snap of her pert bottom to celebrate her wedding anniversary.

The yummy mummy aka ‘Willoughbooby’ captioned the unusually cheeky snap: “Nine years ago today I became… #love #Hubby #happilyeverafter.”

The 35-year-old This Morning host married TV producer Dan Baldwin in 2007 and are parents to Harry, Belle and Chester.

They are still packing in the PDA’s by the look of one Holly’s Instagram pics!

The happy couple were on their summer break lapping up the sun and enjoying time as a family.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor