A House Made Out Of Cardboard

Yes, it's actually a thing!

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At first glance, cardboard doesn’t look very suitable for building.

Yet, it’s been done.

The Wikkelhouse (literally “wrapped house”) was designed by an Amsterdam-based Fiction Factory and it is built from cardboard, they claim it lasts up to 100 years!

The home is made out of durable corrugated cardboard that has been glued together with an eco-friendly adhesive, before being wrapped in waterproof and breathable foil.

The sandwiched layers are then wrapped around another segment 24 times using a large rotating machine, resulting in a solid and relatively well-insulated assembly.

The module can then be combined with other modules to form a larger structure, to add more rooms.

After transporting the structure, it only takes around one or two days to build – now that is impressive!

Windows can be added anywhere and also a kitchen, bathroom and shower can be fitted.

Each completed version of a basic Wikkelhouse costs around USD $80,000.

Who wants one?

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor