Kevin Spacey spotted with talent manager Evan Lowenstein at the Emmys

Twitter frenzy after House of Cards actor joined by hunk at the Emmys

Twitter went into overdrive on Sunday night after Kevin Spacey was photographed sitting next to a handsome man at the Emmy Awards.

Fans of the House of Cards star took to the social media website after spotting he was sitting next to a mystery hunk.

The mystery man even sparked some to playfully offer up money to know his identity  – was he a seat filler, a family member, a talent agent?

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Who’s that little piece next to Kevin Spacey’.

While another tweeted: ‘A million points to the first social media sleuth to identify the young gentleman Kevin Spacey’s with at the Emmys’.

And yet another wrote: ‘OK Twitter. The goal of the night is to get to the bottom of who is sitting next to Kevin Spacey.’

But the mystery was soon solved.

The handsome fellow is Evan Lowenstein, a talent manager who was once part of boy band Evan And Jaron with his twin brother from 1994 to 2003.

The 42-year-old is said to represent Spacey and has been seen with the 57-year-old actor on numerous occasions.

Evan And Jaron had one big hit Crazy for This Girl back in 2000.

Since leaving his career in pop, Evan has founded his own company, a concert-streaming site.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor