Jaden Smith victim of disgusting online ‘suicide’ hoax

Young star has been subject of a series of death pranks across social media

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Jaden Smith, 18, is healthy and very much alive despite an online hoax that just won’t go away.

Like herpes it just keeps coming back, causing wave after wave of angst for his fans.

The son of movie star Will Smith hasn’t responded to the ‘vile’ claims that he had committed suicide.

A ‘video’ was uploaded to Facebook which claimed to feature the fresh Fresh Prince saying goodbye to his dad.

A similar prank lead to worldwide concern for Jaden four years ago.

As more and more people click on a fake link, the sick rumour is still spreading across the web with people noticing it on their social media newsfeeds.

The young movie star has been seen out and about, appearing on the red carpet with his dad for comic book blockbuster Suicide Squad.

Meanwhile his less gullible followers are trying desperately to kill the hoax.

One fan wrote: “4 people on my fb fell for that jaden smith suicide hoax link and that is just one day. everyday at least someone else falls for it, too.”

It comes just weeks after Tenacious D’s social media account was hacked and Jack Black was rumoured to have died.

A post read: “I’m sad to officially announce the death of Jack Black at the age of 46, rest in peace brother.”

The hoax was exposed by the hacker who admitted the comedy legend was very much alive.

While we can all hope Jaden and Jack are a long way from leaving us, it looks like celebrity ‘death pranks’ are unfortunately also here to stay.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor