Jamie Oliver admits he needs to get ‘spayed’ after fifth child

He also had some Great British Bake Off news as well


Celebrity TV chef Jamie Oliver has called time on his powers to reproduce.

With the arrival of his fifth child, son River Rocket, he has joked that now could be the time to have a vasectomy.

Appearing on This Morning, Jamie told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that there enough little Olivers now.

He also speculated that his wife Jools may have had enough of having kids too and that five is enough.

Speaking on the ITV daytime show, Jamie confirmed: “I think we are done, I need to be taken to a vet and spaded…”

Phillip corrected the chef, saying: “Spayed…”

The Super Food presenter reckoned that a spade might do a better job.

He replied: “Oh spayed, maybe spaded would be more thorough!”

Somebody ought to tell them that ‘spaying’ is done to female animals!

Phil and Holly were loving Jamie’s jokes but he wanted to add on a serious note his thoughts about his baby son River.

Jamie enthused: “He is the most beautiful little boy. He sleeps a lot, and mum is in love.”

He then moved on to one of the burning TV topics of the moment – will he become a judge on The Great British Bake Off?

Somehow though, Jamie has managed to stay oblivious to all that has been going on, saying: “Bake Off. Interesting. I didn’t know anything about it, I haven’t been asked to do anything about it.

“The interesting thing would be will the presenters go with it?”

“Well Mel and Sue are not,” Phil replied but there was bad news for all those that wanted to see Jamie take on Bake Off.

He confirmed: “I haven’t got the time to do it even if I was asked. I would get massive credibility from my kids if I did Bake Off.”

All will be revealed very soon, no doubt.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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