Jamie Oliver wants breasts so he can feed his baby son

He feels a spare part for most of the time

A new father can be a bit of a spare part, if truth be told.

For the mother, having a newborn is a full on experience, grabbing sleep when she can and having to be on call when the baby wants a feed.

Jamie Oliver wishes he could change this by being blessed with his own breasts and the ability to produce milk.

Speaking to TV Magazine, the celebrity chef revealed that despite having four previous children, he still feels helpless in these early months.

The 41-year-old said: “I think men feel a bit useless the first six months.

“I wish I had breasts and some milk but I’m a bloody let down. Jools expressed a bottle so I did the 1.30am feed.

“When you’ve had five children, there’s experience – but you forget 75 per cent of it.

“As soon as that baby comes out, you’re like: ‘Oh s**t, what happens?’

“My missus is so hands-on, but even when it was time for the first bath she was a bit frightened.

“It’s amazing to be back at the beginning again, though.”

While he is overjoyed with welcoming River Rocket to his family, Jamie thought that they would’ve stopped at four.

Jamie admitted: “I was kind of done at four.

“But Jools had plans. She’s got to put up with me, so when she wanted the fifth then crack on, let’s do it.

“And now it does feel weirdly right.”

Whereas a bunch of five kids is seemingly right, Jamie has ruled out any thoughts of extending the family further.

In actual fact, Jamie is thinking of putting his reproducing days behind him with a one last final cut.

He revealed: “I think I’m going to have to get the snip.

“Jools says I’m not allowed to, but I might get it done secretly. Not really – but I’ve got to think of something!

“When Poppy found out she just cried, she was so happy.

“I was more worried about them being disgusted that that could happen under their roof!

“There’s so many of us now, it’s like being on safari at our house.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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