Everything Jane McDonald has said about finding love again after tragic death of fiancé Ed

Her fiance Ed died from lung cancer in 2021

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National treasure Jane McDonald tragically lost the love of her life, partner Eddie Rothe, in March 2021 to lung cancer.

The former Loose Women star – who is on screens on Sunday (February 11) for James Martin‘s Saturday Morning – got engaged to the former drummer of the band The Searchers on Christmas Eve. However, the pair never got to exchange vows due to Ed’s death.

Since his passing, Jane has continued to work and be appreciated for the legend that she is. But, is she ready to find love again?

Jane McDonald and Eddie Rothe on the red carpet
Eddie lost his battle to lung cancer in 2021 (Credit:

Jane McDonald on finding love after partner Ed’s death

In a November 2023 interview with the Daily Mail, Jane was asked whether she thought it would be possible to find love again.

“Oh gosh. There’s so much capacity for love. We must chase joy,” she said. “I’ll never say, ‘I’m never going to meet anyone else.’ But I’m fine if I don’t. I’m fine because I’ve got so much love anyway.”

With great people around her at home in Yorkshire, Jane stated: “I laugh a lot because of my friends and I’m so grateful to them.”

Despite being single, Jane admitted that she is “happy with my own company”.

‘I don’t feel like I need someone in my life to make it fulfilled’

Our Jane has always been a strong woman and it seems she is completely OK with not having found a new partner since Ed.

“I’m not bothered. I’m really not. I don’t feel like I need someone in my life to make it fulfilled,” she told the Daily Mail in August.

“I have a great group of girlfriends now, who are all in the same situation, we have a great time, we go out, we have dinner, drinks, parties round each others’ houses.”

The Lost in Japan star added that she doesn’t “feel like I need anyone”.

Jane McDonald smiling
Jane said she isn’t ‘sworn off men’ (Credit:

‘I don’t think I can through dating again’

During an appearance on the Loose Women panel in September, Jane said she and her friends are “not sworn off men”.

“We have a good time so I don’t think any of us are seriously looking,” she added.

Jane admitted that she feels a “sense of freedom” now that she doesn’t have to share a house with a man.

She explained: “I don’t have to put the light out at a certain time, I can read in bed till four o’clock in the morning. I don’t think I can through dating again.”

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Jane McDonald Emotionally Shares The Pain Of Losing The Love of Her Life to Cancer | Loose Women

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