Jennifer Ellison reveals cancer fears after sunbed addiction

She came out in moles in pursuit of the perfect tan

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Former Brookside actress, Jennifer Ellison, has spoken out about her potentially fatal sunbed addiction.

She discovered the joy of an all over tan when she was in her early teens and then started going every day.

It was only when she started coming out in moles that the thought of cancer became real.

Appearing on Loose Women, Jennifer revealed that she would “burn… like, crispy”, as she sought the perfect tan.

Jennifer said: “My mum used to have one in the house.

“It’s like cigarettes, now everyone knows the dangers.

“I got onto Brookside when I was 12, so I used to sneak on them from when I was 14 and did 15 minutes with oil every day.”

She continued: “I’ve burnt so many times, like, crispy.

“They can’t even be that hygienic, everyone has been sweating on them.

“Every street corner had a sunbed shop back then.”

Jennifer, 33, still likes a golden glow and has set about developing her own self tan.

This was prompted by cancer scares to her mum and uncle and Jennifer thought that it was time to stop before she had a scare of her own.

She said: “I’m covered in moles and stuff. I thought, ‘This has got to stop’.”

Jennifer swapped her tanning addiction for a desire to drink cans of Coke.

This led to her weight fluctuating as she drank ten cans a day.

A trip to ITV’s Sugar Free Farm managed to arrest her desire for sugary items.

Now she just sips water and fruit juices and this has helped her get back in shape.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor