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The Chase star Jenny Ryan on feeling ‘stupid’ after being ‘burgled’ by ‘cunning’ scammer in her own home

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Jenny Ryan of The Chase fame – which airs weekdays on ITV1 – recently revealed she’s been left “vulnerable and anxious” after she was the victim of a cruel scam in her own home.

The quizzer shot to fame on ITV’s iconic gameshow – fronted by Bradley Walsh. Since her debut, Jenny has amassed a loyal legion of fans and become a TV favourite.

However, recently, Jenny recently opened up about a scary ordeal that saw a “cunning” scammer rob her home – while she was there.

Jenny Ryan on The Chase
Jenny said the day started out as ‘ordinary’ (Credit: ITV)

The Chase star Jenny Ryan ‘burgled’ in own home

Back in April, Jenny appeared on BBC’s Morning Live – where she recalled the robbery which is said to have taken place the previous week.

“It was an ordinary morning and I had a ring on the doorbell, let someone into my block of flats. He knocked on the door and he told me that the building manager was on his way, there had been a leak, it was to do with the new kitchen – and we have just had a new kitchen fitted. And he very quickly needed to take some pictures, it’ll just take a minute,” Jenny revealed.

She added: “Maybe I questioned it a little bit, but I thought we have had so many people in and out, it’s a quick job, go on, I’ll let him in.”

Jenny Ryan on Morning Live
The TV star has been left feeling ‘anxious’ (Credit: BBC)

Morning Live on BBC

However, things took a dramatic turn for Jenny, as the mystery person ended up stealing her phone and three pieces of “irreplaceable” jewellery from her bedroom.

Unfortunately, by then, it was too late.

She revealed: “He ended up getting into my bedroom with the door closed and when he left I realised he had taken my mobile phone and three pieces of jewellery that had been given to me by my parents for special occasions, and are irreplaceable.”

Jenny then shared how she “noticed right away” because she was planning to ring her landlord to see if anybody was expected to be coming over.

“Unfortunately, by then, it was too late. I went onto the tracker and saw he was already at the tube station and probably halfway across London,” she said.

Jenny Ryan on Morning Live
She spoke out about the ordeal on Morning Live (Credit: BBC)

Jenny Ryan ‘vulnerable’ and ‘anxious’

The Chase star Jenny then shared: “Immediately, and still now, I do feel quite stupid. And I feel gullible that I let this happen.

“I know I shouldn’t be beating myself up too much because this was a very cunning scam and the fact that he was so credible and he had a very slick story and he looked the part.

“It only took that second for me to accept that he was coming in. And once he was inside, it was too late. It would be too dangerous for me to challenge him, I was by myself. So it has left me feeling quite vulnerable. I’m a bit anxious to be in my flat and to be on my own.”

Jenny also revealed she reported the theft to the police. She said: “Unfortunately all I’ve had back from them is an automated email. It says they’re considering whether they’re going to investigate or not.

“I’ve told them that there are probably fingerprints because he moved furniture. There’s lots of CCTV on my street. And I know exactly where he went because I had the phone on tracker.

“What I really wanted was a police officer or someone from the local force to call me. To make sure I was ok. It’s a very scary thing, I was feeling very vulnerable.”

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The Chase is on weekdays at 5pm on ITV1 and ITVX. 

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