Jim McDonald rumored to escape prison for Coronation Street return

Soap super fans believe they've revealed an exciting twist

There is speculation mounting that Jim McDonald could be busting out of prison to make a dramatic return to Coronation Street.

The character, played by Charlie Lawson, has made several appearances over the years, though his incarceration in prison has kept him quiet recently.

That was until eagle-eyed fans spotted something written on the walls, when Nick Tilsley confronted Steve McDonald about Leanne’s baby.

The cryptic clue was the word ‘TAIG’ that appeared behind Steve briefly during a scene.


The theory is that ‘TAIG’ is a derogatory term for a Catholic or Irish nationalist, which is apparently a reference to Steve’s Irish born father Jim.

It is also the brand name of a smartphone Jailbreak app that originated in China.

So, these Corrie super-fans put two and two together and got Jim breaking out of jail for a reunion with his son Steve.

They had come face-to-face in 2014, when Steve was embroiled in a blackmail storyline that also involved Peter Barlow.

Whereas that might’ve been the end of it, actors Charlie Lawson and Simon Gregson, who plays Steve, poured fuel on the fire with some interesting tweets.

Charlie was the first to reply to the Corrie fan, writing: “Interesting.”

Simon responded: “What’s interesting?”

Charlie explained what the graffiti alluded to and Simon replied: “You frighten me”.

What wasn’t forthcoming was a denial that Jim could be making his way back to Weatherfield.

That denial came from a Coronation Street rep to The Sun.

With Jim not expected to be released until 2018, they said: “No he is not returning – he is involved (but absent) in a storyline coming up and referenced a lot.

“Steve goes to visit him in prison but we don’t see it.

“I imagine that is what they were tweeting about.”

Well, we will wait to see but with TWO babies on the way with different mothers, having a errant father appear could be the last thing Steve needs.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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