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Julia Wandelt accuses Dr Fia of ’threatening’ her as she casts doubt on DNA results

Julia is now back in Poland

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Julia Wandelt, the girl who thought she could be Madeleine McCann, has accused Dr Fia Johansson of “threatening” her.

The 21 year old’s shocking claims come following the news that she is not, in fact, the missing Madeleine.

Madeleine McCann girl Julia Wendell
Julia isn’t Madeleine McCann (Credit: YouTube)

‘I Am Madeleine McCann’ girl Julia Wandelt hits out

Julia recently learned that she isn’t in fact Madeleine, thanks to a DNA test. Throughout the process of trying to find out who she is, Julia was helped by Dr Fia Johansson, an American psychic.

Now, however, Julia has hit out at Dr Fia, accusing the 40 year old of “threatening” her. Julia made the shocking accusations in a long update on Facebook.

“When I first met Fia for the first time I thought she wanted to help me,” she wrote. “Now I know she wants only new followers, new clients,” she alleged.

She then went on to accuse Dr Fia of making her sign legal documents she didn’t understand, claimed she took her passport and ID, and refused to allow her to go back to Poland. She explained that this is why she phoned the police on the Persian Medium.

Dr Fia Johansson on Dr. Phil
Julia has slammed Dr Fia (Credit: YouTube)

Julia Wandelt slams Dr Fia after negative DNA results

Continuing her rant, Julia branded Fia “unstable”. “I wanted to go home because I missed my boyfriend and my cat, but the most important reason is that I started to notice that she wants to achieve something by using my situation,” Julia continued.

She then went on to allege that Dr Fia never wanted to help her. “And I have to say I never said I am Madeleine,” she continued. “I always said that I believe I could be Madeleine.”

However, she admitted to using the wrong words and apologised for her mistake. Julia then continued, accusing Dr Fia of changing her [Julia’s] number, as well as access to her main email account. “Fia took my phone and now she tries to threaten me. She doesn’t want to give me my medical records and court judgement that she has in her house,” she claimed.

Dr Fia Johansson on Dr. Phil
Julia has accused Fia of numerous things (Credit: YouTube)

Julia sends message to parents of Madeleine McCann

She then went on to allege that Fia never showed her the DNA results. She also appeared to cast doubt on the results, claiming her family have roots in Germany and Holland. However, according to the DNA results, Fia claims Julia has roots in Russia and Lithuania.

Julia claimed: “We made ancestry DNA test, a few hours ago Fia sent me results but not from ancestry, she sent results from another platform. I found out what type of blood group I have. And it doesn’t match to my parents’ blood group. My family from mother said many times when I was younger that we have roots in Germany and Holland. So I don’t understand anything now. Fia said that I am Polish with Russian and Lithuanian but family said that I am Polish with German and Holland so what is the real truth?”

“Fia also tries to make me scared now,” she continued, making allegations Dr Fia had threatened her. She then said that her journey isn’t over and claimed that an investigator from the Madeleine McCann case is helping her. After insisting she is not “delusional or crazy”, Julia went on to claim that she “never wanted publicity”. She also claims she didn’t do any of this for “attention or a music career”.

She then went on to accuse Fia of not being a real investigator. “I am not a bad person. I want to help others and I don’t know why Fia lies but I know she wants to achieve something,” she wrote. “Fia is not the person she said she is,” she alleged.

She then sent a message to the McCanns, saying that if she isn’t Madeleine, she hopes her case will help them find her. Julia has since set up a new Instagram account, in which she has exposed threatening texts that are allegedly from Fia.

Dr. Fia Johansson and Julia Wandelt on Dr. Phil
Dr Fia has responded to Julia’s accusations (Credit: YouTube)

Fia hits back

In the wake of Julia’s update on Facebook, Dr Fia has responded. She hit back at claims that Julia hasn’t had the results of her DNA test – explaining that she has. “Although Julia is disappointed about this revelation and the spotlight may fade away, the truth as presented in the results speaks to perhaps an unwelcomed new reality,” she wrote.

She then claimed that she wanted to help Julia. “Despite her recent postings, I wish her well and a happy life,” she continued. “Our mission was to establish if she was Madeleine or not and I think we accomplished that goal.”

She then alleged that Julia had been prescribed medication by her doctor which she reportedly wasn’t taking consistently. She then wished Julia well.

ED! has contacted Dr Fia for further comment.

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