Katie Hopkins hit with TEAR GAS in Calais Jungle

Professional troll caught up in the terror of the French camp...

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Controversial columnist Katie Hopkins found herself in the midst of the chaos in the Calais “Jungle” as migrants attempted to to escape.

She was caught up in a hail of tear gas as police tried to prevent migrants from gaining access to trucks that were entering the port.

Some would say she’s had this coming…

She can be seen telling the camera crew: “So there’s been a pile up of trucks. So the guys are running to try and get on the truck.

“We’re following them now. They’ve got a really short window to try and get on the truck.

“There’s a lot of shouting and calling to try and get on before the police try and stop them.”

Katie can then be seen running into the midst of the action to talk to the migrants – she’s asking for it!

But, starts to panic when she notice some gas.

She tells her crew: “Go back, there’s tear gas.

“There’s tear gas being fired to stop the migrants getting on the lorries.”

The shocking video shows Katie and her photographer being caught up in the chaos, and she even admitted she tried to face the tear gas.

She told LBC: “There is no option to tough out tear gas.

“I just tried and I failed miserably. I think sometimes that I am tougher than I am.

“It really knocks you back.

“For the French police, their first line of defence at the moment is tear gas.

“For the guys in the camp, there is an excitement when the trucks back up. You hear them all calling to each other ‘Taki taki taki’ and they run run run.

“It’s almost like an activity really, something to break the tedium of where nothing seems to happen.”

As well as the tear gas incident, Katie also reveals that her photographer was “beaten and robbed” in an article for Mail Online.

Now that, is scary stuff.

She wrote: “Later our photographer, Roland Hoskins, blinded by the gas, was suddenly split from the group, busy capturing the commotion.

“Three or four men pulling his cameras away from him, another with a knife, cutting the straps.

“A bigger guy kicking him in the back to get the kit away. Kicking until he let his camera fall.

“His phone. Gone. His wallet. Disappeared.

“We were tear-gassed and our cameraman was left shaking in the back of a shipping container stripped of his kit.”

Just to reassure you Katie is absolutely fine, no brain damage – well, no more than she already had!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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