Katie Piper: “My mum has cancer”

Inspirational TV presenter opens up about heartbreaking battle

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Brave TV presenter Katie Piper has spoken out about the anguish and affect her mum’s cancer battle is having on the family.

Katie revealed the shock of finding out that her mother had cancer and how it had been the catalyst to become involved with Stand Up To Cancer.

Her mum, Diane, had been Katie’s full-time carer after the ex-model was subjected to a horrifying acid attack.

Now Katie is looking to guide her mum through this difficult period of her life, after Diane was diagnosed three years ago.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Katie said: “My mum has cancer. It started as primary and then spread secondary to her liver.

“She’s had quite a lot of surgery and chemo, she fought it and it came back and she fought it again, and now she’s having checks. So far, so good.”

She added: “It’s been such a gruelling three years though. It really takes it out of you. It changes your outlook on life too.”

With Katie now use her position in the media and her over 500,000 social media followers to spread the word about Stand Up To Cancer.

She will be joining a host of celebrities in fundraising for it.

Katie said: “I like this campaign as it gives you the power to say no, I’m not going to sit back and let this disease take hold. Some things aren’t within our control, so we should make the most of the things we can control.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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