Katie Price admits Princess and Junior watched her PUNCH Jane Pountney

Pricey knocked two teeth out as she rained down blows

The revelations keep on coming from Katie Price as her latest autobiography is about to hit the shelves.

They have taken a disturbing turn though as she wrote about the aftermath of her husband Kieran’s fling with her friend Jane Pountney.

It seems that her kids Junior, 11, and Princess, 9, witnessed an explosive violent outburst as emotions ran high.

Pricey has admitted that they saw her knock two teeth out of Jane’s mouth as she threw punches.

She also revealed that her children “know about everything anyway”, as well as seeing Jane with black eyes after Katie’s assault.

You won’t be surprised to know that Pricey is quite open and honest about her life.

So, there is not much filter when it comes to talking about ‘adult stuff’ in front of the young ones.

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The mum-of-five said: “They know about everything anyway.

“They were standing there when I was punching Jane and her two teeth got knocked out.

“And they saw her with a black eye and they know I did it.”

Katie is not very complimentary about her former friend in the book but admits it could have been a whole lot worse.

She says that there are descriptions of “Jane’s p***y and saggy horrible t**s” but says that there were much more libel baiting revelations about her that Pricey omitted in the final draft.

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There was no holding back on her ‘cheating’ husband either.

Pricey explains: “A lot of stuff had to be taken out of the book.

“Some of it was too graphic, too, really personal and damaging for Jane, Chrissy and Kieran.”

There’s obviously nothing worse than a Pricey scorned.

Fortunately for Kieran, it seems that his indiscretions have been forgotten, if not forgiven and it seems like happy families for him and Katie at the moment.

Katie admitted that the kids think Kieran is the bees-knees.

She said: “They love and idolise Kieran. They stick up for him all the time. They all pick on me!”

Katie has son Jett, 3, and daughter Bunny, 2, with Kieran after having Princess and Junior with ex husband Peter Andre and Harvey with Dwight Yorke.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor