Ouch! Katie Price criticises Michelle Keegan’s appearance

The claws are out...

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It’s hard to believe she actually said it but Katie Price has blasted certain celebrities for wearing too much make-up.

Pot. Kettle. Black?

The former glamour model obviously piles on the slap herself for red carpets and nights out and is also a huge fan of cosmetic surgery.

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In an interview with Now magazine, she hit out at Michelle Keegan and even Jess Wright.

“They look good. But they all have so much make-up on! I’d want to strip them back and give them completely different looks,” she said.

In recent months, Pricey has also faced huge backlash after revealing that she allows her nine-year-old daughter Princess to wear make-up.

What’s worse is that her youngest – one-year-old Bunny – is also experimenting.

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She added: “Bunny puts make-up on and so does [my son] Jett.

“They’ll put bright pink blusher all over their faces. It’s just what they’re used to being around.

“Princess is my business double, just you wait and see – make-up range, watch this space.”

Oh, we certainly will.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor