Katie Price doesn’t bat an eyelid when daughter Princess FALLS off her horse

She's got that tough love thing down...

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Katie Price has faced a lot of criticism after refusing to come to the rescue when she saw her daughter Princess fall off her horse. The former glamour model seemed completely uninterested in helping her daughter after she was thrown to the floor.

The 38-year-old blonde, sat with her arms crossed and muttered, ‘She’s fine,’ as the instructor went to check on Princess.

She said: “She wasn’t really hurt, she was just playing dead like a dead goldfish on the floor.”

Turning to her friend the mum-of-five added: “Trust me, if I knew something was wrong I’d be over there like a flash.”

Explaining her actions, Katie revealed: “I’m not one of these mums who are like, ‘Are you okay, sweetiepie?’ They’ve got their helmet on, body protection; if I knew they were hurt I’d get up.”

She added: “Princess is really nervous, she has fallen off so many times. But I try and explain, the more you fall off, the better you become at riding.”

Afterwards she branded Princess a drama queen, asking her: “Did you think just because you watched Air Ambulance last night, did you think an ambulance was going to come and lift you just because you laid still on the floor?” Ooh, harsh.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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