Katie Price gives the haters another reason to accuse her of being a bad mother!

Another brain fail for Pricey will cause outrage

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There must be a lot going on in the head of Loose Women panellist Katie Price.

From keeping on top of the latest news, so that she can provide informed comment on the ITV lunchtime show, to knowing which snippet of scandal to feed the media next, it is always busy, busy, busy.

With five children in tow as well, there isn’t much space left to remember the small things in life.

You know, stuff like when your children’s birthdays are…

Fortunately for the likes of Pricey, there is a small thing called the internet on hand to remind her of anything in her life she no longer has brain space for.

The 38-year-old has revealed her problems with remembering the days that her babies came in to the world.

Speaking at the Hilton in Liverpool, where her latest tour date for an ‘Evening With Katie Price’ had taken her, she made her shocking admission.

After being asked how she remembers details of all her children, Pricey joked: “There are just so many of them”.

She then said, a little more seriously: “Don’t even. Sometimes I have to Google their dates of birth but I probably shouldn’t admit that.”

No, you probably shouldn’t have as the haters are now going to start hating all the more.

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Katie has children with three different fathers.

Harvey was the fruit of her relationship with footballer Dwight Yorke, while she had Princess and Junior while married to singer and reality TV star, Peter Andre.

She has since had Jett and Bunny with current husband Kieran Hayler and has spoken out about which one of her brood is the naughtiest.

It is two-year-old Bunny that gets that accolade, though Pricey says “so much personality”. This is obviously code for the usual ‘terrible twos’ behaviour.

Pricey also revealed that 14-year-old Harvey is “The King” of the roost.

Harvey suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, as well as being blind and having autism and ADHD.

The former glamour model said: “He gets in the shower, he just stands there and someone washes him.

“I know he can do it, I’ve seen him, but we do it for him.”

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She then added: “In a lot of ways he is lucky. Everything will always be done for him, he won’t have to worry about the stress of life.

“I know he’s got his disabilities but you have to look at it in a positive way.

“He’s not a chore he’s not a pressure. He’s mine and no one will ever take him from me. I am so protective over him.

“My mum has been a big help but she does my head in.

“No matter how old you are your mum will come to your house and tell you what to do.”

She may also give Pricey a nudge when one of her children’s birthdays is coming close too, or at least Google it for her!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor