Katie Price tells superfan he’s “perfect” after he spends £40k to look like her

Despite a 70% chance of his nose falling off, he wants more surgery

It must have been like looking in a mirror for Katie Price on Loose Women. Sort of.

She came face-to-face with a fan that has had £40,000 worth of cosmetic surgery, so that he could look like the former glamour model.

Despite being £20,000 in debt, 21-year-old Nathan Thursfield wants even more surgery to his nose as he’s not happy with the comparison.

This is despite doctors warning him that there is a 70% chance of his nose falling off!

After meeting Pricey at a book signing when he was 12 years old, Nathan has made it his ambition to emulate her look.

He’s had multiple procedures so that he can become a replica of Katie but the Loose Women panellist has urged him to embrace his own looks and take confidence in who he is.

Speaking on Loose Women, Nathan said: “It all started when I was watching her on reality TV shows.

“She was still called Jordan then and I was really fascinated by her so it all started from there really.”

He continued: “I’d see where she was doing a book signing or something and I’d get my mum to buy me a new outfit and we’d go down to meet her.”

The list of procedures he’s had done almost reads as an A-Z of cosmetic surgery.

Nathan explained: “I’ve had loads. Two nose jobs, chin filler, cheek filler, Botox, teeth, tanning, vampire facials, everything.”

The prospect that his nose may cave were he to have more work done on it didn’t seem to faze him.

Nathan shrugged it off, saying: “I hate it. It doesn’t look the same as yours.

“I did think about it for ages, but then I thought, ‘You know what, why not?'”

Pricey looked to boost the confidence of the wannabe model and make him realise that he’s “perfect” as he is.

She said: “You look perfect, you’re good looking, I’d rather look like you. I’m telling you, you look gorgeous!”

Despite numerous operations, Nathan admitted that he is still unhappy with how he looks: “I must admit, every time I’ve had something done, I’m not happy with it.

“I have been to the doctors and things like that, and then surgery was my release you know.”

Nathan’s partner, Michael, agreed with Pricey and urged the surgery to be stopped: “I constantly tell him all the time, just embrace who you are, be you.

“He is good looking, but it’s like I struggled with it a lot at the beginning.

“But I’d rather support him with it to know what he’s doing and not doing any of it behind my back without me knowing.”

With the risk of Nathan losing his nose so high, Katie warned him against having another operation.

She said: “You are gorgeous, do not get your nose done because the next time I see you I wanna see you with a nose and not a hole.”

Let’s hope that this plea doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor